APD/Avalanche Photo Diode

The APD/avalanche photo diode (3G InGaAs pulse APD diode pins for OTDR) is a p-n junction photodetector made of silicon or germanium. By applying a reverse bias voltage to the p-n junction, the photons of the incident light will strike the electrons to pass them through the junction resulting in photoelectric current flows. When the applied reverse voltage increases, avalanche current flows will occur. The avalanche effect of the current carrier can be utilized to amplify the photoelectric signal in the detecting system so as to improve the sensitivity of the detector.

This series of photo diode has the features of small dark current, low operating voltage, and high sensitivity. It can operate in the pulse output mode or DC output mode. The product is commonly used in the long-distance transmission system, OTDR system, and the detection equipment of Raman backscattering system.

3G InGaAs Pulse APD Diode Pins for OTDR

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Optical & Electrical Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Notes
Reverse Breakdown Voltage VBR 40 45 55 V ID = 100 μA
Temperature Coefficient of Reverse Breakdown Voltage1 δ 0.2 %/°C
Dark Current ID 5 25 nA VR = VBR x 0.9
Multiplied Dark Current IDM 1 3 nA M = 2 to 10
Terminal Capacitance Ct 0.35 pF VR = VBR x 0.9, f = 1 MHz
Cut-off Frequency fC 2.5 GHz M = 10
Quantum Efficiency η 76 90 % λ = 1310 nm, M = 1
65 77 λ = 1550 nm, M = 1
Responsivity S 0.85 0.90 A/W λ = 1310 nm, M = 1
0.90 0.95 λ = 1550 nm, M = 1
Excess Noise Factor X 0.7 - λ = 1310 nm, IPO = 1.0 μw, M = 10, f = 35 MHz, B = 1 MHz
F 5 λ = 1550 nm, IPO = 1.0 μw, M = 10, f = 35 MHz, B = 1 MHz
Optical Return Loss ORL 30 40 dB SMF

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