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Coaxial Pigtail Diode Laser Device

    1. FP Pulsed Diode LaserThe DFB pigtailed laser diode equipment includes one 1310nm or 1550nm MQW-DFB chip and 4 pins.
    1. CWDM Diode Laser ModuleThis series of product is most commonly used in the WDM light source and communication system, CWDM analog communication system, CATV return-path transmission system, and other analog transmission systems.
    1. 405nm-980nm Red Visible Light Laser Diode ModulesOur company is a professional 405nm-980nm red visible light laser diode modules manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include DFB pigtailed laser diode device, butterfly fiber coupled laser diodes, InGaAs coaxial plug in diode laser modules, and more.
    1. 2.5G 1650nm DFB Pigtail Diode Laser 1mwOur 2.5G 1650nm DFB pigtail diode laser 1mw is generally applied for stabilizing or modulating light source. In addition, the high stability laser source can be used for testing apparatus and OTDR equipment.

As a China-based coaxial pigtail diode laser device (analog optical active receptacle TOSA) manufacturer and supplier, our company also offers InGaAs coaxial pigtail laser detector diode, plug in InGaAs coaxial photodetector diode modules, butterfly pigtailed laser diode modules, and more.

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