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2.5G 1625nm DFB Pigtail Diode Laser 1mw

The 2.5G 1625nm DFB pigtail diode laser 1mw includes a CWDM-DFB laser chip, built-in isolator, built-in monitor photodiode, 4-pin coaxial package, and optional SC, FC, ST, or LC optical fiber connector. It delivers low threshold and operating current at a output power range between 1MW and 2MW. The length of optical fibers can be supplied according to the customers' requirement. Various pin definitions are also available. This series of product can be used as the stabilized light source or modulated light source. It also finds applications in testing apparatus and OTDR equipment.

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Optical & Electrical Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test Condition
Rated Power Po 1 2 - mW Ith+20mA
Threshold Current Ith 10 - 20 mA CW
Forward Voltage Drop Vop - 1.0 1.5 V CW, Ith+20mA
Cent Wavelength λc 1620 1625 1630 nm -
Spectrum Width(-3dB) Δλ - 0.5 1 nm Ith+20mA
Side-mode Suppression Ratio SMSR 30 40 - dB -
Bandwidth Bw - 2.5 - GHz RI=50Ω
Monitor Current Im 0.1 0.5 1 mA CW, Ith+20mA
Dark Current of Monitor Id - - 100 nA CW, Ith+20mA
Optical Isolation ISO 30 - - dB 25℃

As a China-based 2.5G 1625nm DFB pigtail diode laser 1mw manufacturer and supplier, we also offer CWDM diode laser module, 3-10g 1100nm-1650nm ingaas coaxial pigtail pin photo diode, plug in InGaAs coaxial photodetector diode modules, and more.

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