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InGaAs Coaxial Plug in Diode Laser Modules

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The 650nm red laser device is provided in a coaxial plug-in type package. It adopts the 635nm or 650nm red laser chip with an output power ranging from 1MW to 20MW. This device can be used as the fiber-optic indicator light, red laser pointer, and break point indicator. It also finds applications in the medical field.

PIN Definition

(If customers would like to know more about the details, please click here to download the followingPDFfile.)

The 0.2-2MW 1310nm FP pigtailed laser diode module plug in type is provided in the coaxial plug-in package. It also adopts the Fabry–Pérot cavity, featuring low threshold and operating current. In addition, the device can be supplied with the SC, ST, or FC connector. It is commonly used in the handheld light source, desktop light source, optical multi-meter, and communication test equipment.

Optical & Electrical Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test Condition
Rated Power Po 0.2 - 2 mW Ith+20mA
Threshold Current Ith 3 - 12 mA CW
Forward Voltage Drop Vop - 1.1 1.5 V CW, Ith+20mA
Cent Wavelength λc 1300 1310 1320 nm -
1540 1550 1560
Spectrum Width(-3dB) Δλ - 0.3 0.5 nm Ith+20mA
Bandwidth Bw 1.25 2.5 - GHz RI=50Ω
Monitor Current Im 100 900 uA CW, Ith+20mA
Dark Current of Monitor Id - - 100 nA CW, Ith+20mA
Optical Isolation ISO 30 - - dB 25℃

As a specialized InGaAs coaxial plug in diode laser modules (analog optical active component TOSA plug in) manufacturer in China, our company also offers plug in InGaAs coaxial photodetector diode modules, butterfly pigtailed laser diode modules, coaxial pigtail diode laser device, and more.

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