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Our main products include the optical transmitter, optical receiver, transistor outline can, and many other active photoelectric elements. They have found wide applications in many fields such as medical care, chemical, experimental apparatus, transportation, electronics, toy, and lighting industries.

1. CATV: Our product can be applied to the CATV transmitter, pumped amplifier, CATV workstation, and CATV receiver. It covers a frequency range up to 850MHz.

2. Radio Frequency: The equipment can be applied to wireless communication system, GSM or CDMA direct-conversion receiver, and satellite communication system. It covers a frequency range up to 6500MHz. The equipment uses the MQW-DFB and InGaAs chip, featuring low noise, high linearity, low power consumption, high power, and small volume.

3. Measuring Detection and Sensing: The product can be applied to the temperature feedback system, vibration sensing, gas detection, distance measuring, and water monitoring. It also can be used in oil, mining, and exploration industries. The equipment covers a power range from 1MW to 75W and wavelength range from 300nm to 2200nm. It can be supplied with DC drive or pulse drive.

4. Telecommunications: The equipment can be applied to the 1×9, SFP, SFP+, SFF, or GBIC communication module with a transmission speed range from 2M to 10GHz and wavelength range from 850nm to 1610nm. The 1×9 module is mainly fitted into the plesiochronous digital hierarchy. It is usually connected to the terminals of common communication network, VIP customer access network, and private network. The SFP module is mainly used in the exchanger and router for backbone network and metropolitan area network. Our analog device, especially the CATV series of product, is mainly used in the analog communication. In addition, our company supplied the PON module used in the FTTH system. Both of our GPON and EPON modules are taken to mass production. The BIDI module fitted into the FTTH system is also our company's major product.

5. Instrument: Our product can be applied to steady light source, power meter, optical multi-meter, wave-length division multiplexer system, OTDR system, link check device, and red laser pointer. It adopts the unique detachable design. It is flexible to use and easy to maintain.

Our company provides application design and technical support for customers. We are able to configure the performance parameters like the threshold value, current and voltage, single module or multi-module, and noise ration, select materials and fittings like chips, adapter models (SC, LC, FC, ST), ferrule end face models (APC, PC, UPC), and design the product appearance such as the color of pigtailed fiber, sealing and packaging style in an effort to make optimized optical devices to the customer' liking.

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