CWDM Diode Laser Module

The CWDM diode laser module is comprised of uncooled quantum well DFB laser chip, built-in InGaAs monitor photodiode, 4-pin coaxial pigtail type or plug-in type package, single-mode fiber coupling device, SC/APC or FC/APC optical connector, and built-in optical isolator. Its light source covers a wide wavelength range from 1270nm to 1610nm, totaling 18 wavelengths. Other typical values for the CWDM diode laser module are ±3nm for the spectral range, spectral bandwidth less than 0.2nm, maximum operating current 35MA, and output power range from 1MW to 3MW. This series of product is most commonly used in the WDM light source and communication system, CWDM analog communication system, CATV return-path transmission system, and other analog transmission systems.

Optical & Electrical Characteristics
Parameter Symbol Min. Typ. Max. Unit Test Condition
Rated Power Po 1 - 3 mW Ith+20mA
Threshold Current Ith 5 - 15 mA CW
Forward Voltage Drop Vop - 1.1 1.5 V -
Cent Wavelength λc Note 2 nm Note 1
Spectrum Width Δλ - - 0.2 nm CW, -3dB
Side-mode Suppression Ratio SMSR 35 - - dB -
Monitor Current Im 0.1 - 0.9 mA CW, Ith+20mA
Dark Current of Monitor Id - - 0.1 uA -
Optical Isolation ISO 30 40 - dB 25°C
Frequency Range F 45 - 4500 MHz RI=50Ω
Cut-off Frequency (-3dB) Fc 6 - - GHz If=Iop
Relative Intensity Noise RIN - -155 -150 dB/Hz CW, If=Iop, f=4500MHz
RF Bandpass Flatness BF - ±1.5 - dB If=Iop, 45MHz-4500MHz, T=25°C

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